white houseI really do love Huntspill Street. A tranquil retreat from the mania of Garratt Lane. Perhaps its something to do with the bend in the road, helping to block out the noise, but its got a stillness and serenity that must make it a lovely peaceful place to live. And it is the site of a key location in the Summerstown182 world. No39 was home to William Mace, one of the Sunday School teachers whose story is told in the Sunday School Three section. After the war, his sister Marion and her husband Frederick Milton started living there. Both also Sunday school teachers, Frederick had been wounded in the war, but unlike William, had made it back. The Miltons lived here until 1930 and were in charge of organising flowers for the war memorial. Frederick Milton was also involved in collecting funds to pay for the memorial and throughout 1919, many a donation would have been despatched to this address. I passed down it today on a glorious Spring morning, the month that William was killed at the Battle of Festubert, 99 years ago. A few weeks ago the house was a delicate beige but now its been given a sparkling coat of whitewash in preparation for the next tenants. And it really has got the works – door, window frames, wall at the front. Almost like a little wedding cake and good enough to eat. The sight of this dazzling whiteness against the bluest of skies, transported me to the island of Mykonos. The Mediterranean theme is further enhanced when you enter the road from Garratt Lane and are greeted by a huge flourishing spray of the most delicately-scented lilac ceanothus. Opposite No39, one of the trees has burst into a radiant magenta flower that a neighbour advised me was a May hawthorn. All in all, on a day like this, Summerstown feels not too far removed from a Greek island paradise.

The Sunday School Three Story

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