The Mace Brothers

The Mace Brothers

The Maces, AJM and WH are on the St Mary’s war memorial, sandwiching Sunday School teacher, WA Mace. The November 1918 issue of the parish magazine recounts that ‘Arthur James Mullinger Mace of the Welsh Horse, died in hospital from wounds received in action on 1st October’. His burial on 7th is also noted later. These two were for some time a mystery as curiously, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission appears to have no details of either. Going through Thurso Street house-by-house on the 1911 census, just before Christmas, I came across the Mace brothers living with the Smith family at No 2. Further research indicated that they were the stepsons of Clara Amelia Smith and lived at this time with eleven other people in a five room house. Arthur, then aged 16 was an office boy, his younger brother William Henry Mullinger Mace was only 13. Just a few doors away on Thurso Street are two houses, from each of which three brothers were killed. This morning I dropped into Lambeth Cemetery on Blackshaw Road and from the huge dusty leather bound ledgers, the names of the two Mace brothers materialised. They are both buried in Streatham Cemetery off Garratt Lane. Arthur’s notes reveal that he did indeed die in ‘South Eastern Hospital, New Cross’. William apparently was buried on 19th March 1917 and died at 29 North Side, Clapham Common. The Cemetery were able to tell me what section they are in and I had a quick tramp around to try and find them, but it seemed like a thankless task. If I can wait a couple of weeks the council will send me a little map pinpointing exactly where they are. The mystery as to why neither ended up in a war grave remains.

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