James Jenner Crozier


At this point, from notes in the St Mary’s parish magazine, we probably know more about about James Jenner Crozier than any of the other Summerstown 182. Read his story by downloading the document on the Sunday School Three page. It contains an extremely moving account from a letter sent to Reverend Robinson from the soldier comrade who witnessed his final moments. He started up the St Mary’s football team, he took photographs, he taught in the Sunday School. In the words of Reverend Robinson, ‘He had a great influence for good on all who knew him’. He mentioned how he was looking forward to James returning from the war ‘with new experiences and a fresh outlook on life, as one who would be of the greatest help in the work of the parish’. Small wonder that a special memorial tablet was commissioned bearing his name and that of two other teachers killed in the war, William Mace and Laurence Gibson. And surely no surprise that we would like to raise money to have this tablet restored. James Crozier was killed on 1st October 1915 in one of the fiercest battles of the early war years, one of 59,000 British casualties at Loos, where his name is inscribed on the memorial. According to the 1911 census records, James was the eldest of five brothers and one sister. The family were living at 37 Smallwood Road. The original house that the Croziers lived in has now been demolished and a block of houses have been set back in a 198os-style close. On the left of the above photograph, the last original house on the left is No 27. Six other men from Smallwood Road were killed in the war and have their names inscribed on the St Mary’s memorial. Records indicate that two of the Crozier brothers, Arthur and Ernest served in the Royal Field Artillery and survived the war. It would be wonderful to get in touch with their descendants and find out more.

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